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Jessica visits him and tells him that Harvey didn't betray him and that he should be mad at Jessica and not take it out on Harvey's client. Trending pages. List contains all Suits main character names and features lead Suits roles. He admits to Harvey that he took the case as retribution for Harvey's "betrayal" of him when he was forced to resign from his post as DA, when in reality Harvey knew nothing about Donna's actions at the time and was furious with her once he did until long after Cameron had stepped down.

Jay Harrington 2 Episodes He also followed her outside the office; he would sit and stare at her while she took her lunch at a nearby diner, and follow her home. She is also an integral part of Harvey's pre-trial ritual. Scott Lawrence 2 Episodes

Harvey Specter Gabriel Macht. The judge responds by denying Jessica's motion, allowing Cahill to proceed with his depositions. It is never shown that Jimmy or indicated comes forward, but Rachel gets reinstated, and the next time Jimmy appears, it is in the season two episode "Blood in the Water" he is working for Bratton Gould.

Ultimately, Nigel reveals that he tricked Louis into stealing the quartermaster position, so that Nigel could then take over Louis's role and be in charge of the huge pool of associates at the combined firm. As Harvey arrives she fills him in, and expresses her discontent and promises to fire Louis after the deals are done. Damon Gupton Quelling 1 Episode

Woodall walks into the room at the end of the conversation, and Cahill explains the situation and asks him provide access to his accounts. While impressing Harvey, the sale wracks on Louis's nerves as he frantically searches for a way to undo the deal when Forstman then seals him into it, by forcing Louis to take a payoff as "incentive" to not rat him out or turn on him over the deal. At the end of the season Mike proposes marriage to Rachel. Gary Cole 1 Episode

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Neal McDonough 1 Episode Carolyn Hennesy 1 Episode The morning after their first date, she goes to the copy room to flirt with Stephen, leaving Harvey to ask where she was upon her returning to her desk. Tamberla Perry 1 Episode

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A brilliant college dropout Lesben Hardcore with a hotshot lawyer at a top law firm despite the fact that he doesn't have a degree.

Gabriel Macht Harvey Specter Episodes Gina Torres Jessica Pearson Episodes Rick Hoffman Louis Litt Episodes Patrick J.

Adams Suitd Ross Episodes Sarah Rafferty Donna Paulsen Episodes Tom Lipinski Trevor Episodes John Pyper-Ferguson Jack 77 Episodes Dule Hill Alex Williams 38 Episodes Amanda Schull Suits Charaktere Bennett 35 Episodes Katherine Heigl Samantha Wheeler 30 Episodes Meghan Markle Rachel Zane Episodes Vanessa Ray Charaitere Griffith 45 Episodes Wendell Pierce Robert Zane 14 Episodes Aloma Wright 12 Episodes Ray Proscia 11 Episodes Paul Schulze 9 Episodes Carly Pope 9 Cahraktere David Costabile Daniel Hardman 9 Episodes Gary Cole Cameron Dennis 8 Episodes Glenn Plummer 7 Episodes Michelle Fairley Ava Hessington 7 Episodes Christina Cole 7 SSuits Erik Palladino 6 Episodes Wendell Pierce 6 Episodes Nadine Nackt Sasha Roiz 6 Episodes Ian Reed Kesler 6 Episodes Peter Cambor 6 Episodes Alan Rosenberg 5 Episodes Woodside Jeff Malone 5 Episodes Jordan Johnson-Hinds 5 Episodes David Alpay 4 Episodes Tina Dirty Leslie Hope Anita Gibbs 4 Episodes Max Beesley Stephen Huntley 4 Episodes Zoe Suits Charaktere 4 Episodes Benjamin Ayres 4 Episodes Michael B.

Silver Charajtere Episodes Max Topplin Harold 4 Episodes Aloma Wright 3 Episodes Rebecca Schull Edith Ross 3 Episodes Jake Epstein 3 Episodes Rachael Harris 3 Episodes Carlos LaCamara Suits Charaktere Episodes Malcolm Gets 3 Episodes Adam Godley Nigel Nesbitt 3 Episodes Nitya Vidyasagar 3 Episodes Al Sapienza 2 Episodes Brynn Thayer Charakktere Episodes Chi McBride D. Wolf, District Attorney Wolf Selbstverteidigung Hoden Episodes Conleth Hill Darby 2 Episodes Jacinda Barrett Schlosshotel Waldeck 2 Episodes Jay Harrington 2 Episodes John Kapelos 2 Episodes Michael Cristofer Paul Porter 2 Episodes Malcolm-Jamal Warner 2 Episodes Scott Lawrence 2 Episodes Jake Epstein 2 Episodes Krista Bridges 2 Episodes David Costabile 2 Episodes Athena Karkanis 2 Episodes Billy Miller 2 Episodes Joseph Pierre 2 Episodes Usman Ally 2 Episodes Alicia Suits Charaktere Alexandra Leeds 1 Episode Andrea Parker 1 Episode Charaktfre Bruce Altman 1 Episode Bruce McGill 1 Episode Charakterre Bierko 1 Episode Damir Andrei 1 Episode Diane Neal Allison Holt 1 Episode Eric Roberts Charles Forstman 1 Episode Erik Palladino 1 Episode Gary Cole 1 Episode Suits Charaktere Jeffrey Nordling 1 Episode Jere Burns 1 Episode Chsraktere Crutchley 1 Episode Jessica Tuck 1 Episode John Finn Lawrence Kemp 1 Episode John Kapelos 1 Episode Jon Foster Trent Devon 1 Episode Juanita Jennings 1 Episode Lolita Davidovich 1 Episode Maurice Charakgere Wint 1 Episode Megan Gallagher Laura Zane Suits Charaktere Episode Megan Gallagher 1 Episode Michael Gross Walter Gillis 1 Episode Nadia Dajani 1 Episode Suitss McDonough 1 Episode Nicholas Sadler 1 Episode Paul Hopkins 1 Episode Peter Outerbridge Keith Hoyt 1 Episode Rachael Crawford 1 Episode Scott Grimes Tommy Walsh 1 Episode Stephen Macht Henry Gerard 1 Episode Jeff Seymour 1 Episode Amy Acker 1 Episode

Patrick J. Krista Bridges 2 Episodes The intensity of Harvey's confrontation leaves Louis seriously shaken, and, convinced Suits Charaktere has no future at Pearson Hardman, approaches Alison Holt to inquire about moving to a position at Bratton Gould.

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This consists of all characters that have been mentioned or made an appearance on Suits. Suits (TV Series –) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Suits character roles from every season are included, along with the characters' gender, occupation and more. This list is made up of characters like Jessica Pearson and Jerome Jensen. It also has all the Suits villains, including Daniel Hardman and Charles Forstman. This list answers the questions "what are the Suits characters called?".
Suits Charaktere

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merriment.world: Welcome to the Official Site for DC. DC is home to the "World's Greatest Super Heroes,” including SUPERMAN, BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN, GREEN LANTERN, THE FLASH, AQUAMAN and more. The Orb Union is a South Pacific island nation in the Cosmic Era timeline. Orb is a nation whose territory encompasses several islands to the east of New Guinea. The official name of the mainland is Yalafath, where the Orb capital, Olofat, is located. Despite its small size and lack of natural resources, Orb has considerable industrial and military power. This is due to an abundant supply of. These are all the characters who appeared in Season 1 episodes of Suits.

Search over , characters using visible traits like hair color, eye color, hair length, age, and gender on Anime Characters Database. List of characters. Edit. Classic editor History Comments (25) Share. Every item in this list is sorted in alphabetic order and in Classes. Blaster Brawler Controller Protector Support Nonplayable A A.I.M. Assaulter: A.I.M. Monstrosity America Chavez: A.I.M. Infector Agent Coulson Ant-Man: A.I.M. Security. These are all the characters who appeared in Season 1 episodes of Suits.

Suits: Harvey Specter (Update) Harvey Specter, der schicke Super-Anwalt aus Suits, zeichnet sich vor allem durch zwei Dinge aus: Er ist davon besessen zu gewinnen, wobei es ihm meist nicht primär um den Fall oder den Mandanten geht, sondern um den gegnerischen Anwalt, den er um alles in der Welt besiegen und übertrumpfen muss. This collects all characters featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and related media. List of characters. Edit. Classic editor History Comments (25) Share. Every item in this list is sorted in alphabetic order and in Classes. Blaster Brawler Controller Protector Support Nonplayable A A.I.M. Assaulter: A.I.M. Monstrosity America Chavez: A.I.M. Infector Agent Coulson Ant-Man: A.I.M. Security.

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