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Since incense comes in a wonderful assortment of scents you can just use it to add a nice fragrance to your house. To waste something. The effect leads to a sense of community and transcendence.

The novelist Ken Kesey was one of the best-known literary spokesmen for the movement, but he became equally famous for the bus tours he made with a group called the Merry Pranksters. British origin? Chakras: Yogic concept. To do a drug.

A spiritual brother. Bogart: To hog a joint while others are waiting. Off the Pigs: Radical slogan used by Black Panthers encouraging confrontation with the police.

The insensitive administrations refused to listen to protests and refused to provide a satisfactory explanation for the war. However, by the s Haight-Ashbury had become an ugly and dangerous marketplace for drugs and vice. Uptight: Stressed out, tense.

The song 'Born to Be Wild' by Steppenwolf added to the flavor. Holding: In possession of something, usually dope. Hippie girls fingering ,

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Hippie parents , An event where you groove on everyone else. Loving everyone and everything was the general theme of the event.

Paisleys - These fractal like patterns appeared on clothes in the sixties and were a popular psychedelic design. Bunker: Someone who sells fake drugs, rips people off. Thing: Catch phrase for your obsession or something you enjoy.

Geometric patterns that fool the eye with an illusion of three dimensions. Cousin Family Hippie. Used in psychotherapy in the 50s and 60s.

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Hippies from A to Z by Skip Stone Hippy Glossary Hippies had to develop a whole new language to communicate their daily experiences for which there were no precedents. The counter-culture was so intimately involved with the psychedelic revolution and drugs that many new words found their way into the language. Many of the words passed around among hippies were from other cultures, particularly India. Karma, yoga, ashram, mantra were typical of the exotic words introduced into everyday speech in the '60s.

If you're looking for a name, please go to the section on Huppie hippies. Acapulco Gold: Legendary Mexican marijuana from the '60s. Today it wouldn't be considered so special, but back then it was great! Acid: see LSD. These were events were everyone dropped acid together for an extraordinary group experience. Activist: A person who participates in protest actions. Anyone involved in a cause, usually political. Afterglow: A state of peace that can follow after a psychedelic experience when your mind is still detached from worldly concerns.

One man pulled a gun, and the Angels killed him. The film "Gimme Shelter" documenting the concert was used in evidence to clear the Angels. Amnesty International: Organization for global human rights founded in Amsterdam in They monitor the treatment of prisoners around the world, especially "prisoners of Hippie Witze.

They Hippie Witze the abolition of the Hippiw penalty, torture, and other cruel, inhumane, or degrading treatment of those in custody. Animal Liberation Front: ALF is an organization that rescues animals like Hi;pie from industrialized farms where they are raised Hippie Witze to provide luxury garments to the rich. Antiwar Movement: The organized resistance by students, veterans and other activists against the draft and Vietnam War in the s and early '70s.

Rallies, marches, speeches, teach-ins, sit-ins, slogans, banners, and songs were some of the non-violent tactics used to get the message out. Asanas: Sanskrit word. A series of body postures that stretch and tone muscles, increase endurance, and improve flexibility. Along with breathing and meditation they make up the practice of Hatha Yoga.

Ashram: A monastery where monks practice yoga. Astral Plane: A dimension of existence beyond the physical world. A place where disembodied spirits dwell. Babe: Affectionate term for female, now with slightly different meaning.

Baby: Similar to Babe. Some people at Woodstock downed bad acid and the crowd was warned about it, making the term Wtze popular. Usually indicated by paranoia, or intense, uncontrollable feelings or rarely suicidal urges. Also used to describe any bad experience.

Bag: What you're into. What you enjoy. Trained as children to hide under school desks in air raid drills, they grew up to understand there was no hiding from nuclear war. Ban the Bra : Slogan symbolizing the Feminist Movement, women's rights and the sexual liberation of the 60s. Bangles: Hippie jewelry. Large, solid bracelets, several are often worn together on arms or legs.

Bandanna: Bandannas are headbands that keep your long hair out of your face. They also mop Wasteland Porno the sweat on warm days.

And since men don't usually wear berets or other feminine hair restraints, the bandanna does the job. Basmati Hippiw A special aromatic kind of rice from India.

Batik: Material made using the 'lost wax' process to create colorful patterns. Indonesian origin. Beatlemania : Used to describe the virtual hysteria that accompanied the Beatles on their tours. Also refers to Hippe successful marketing of the Beatles, their records and Whatsapp Vorsicht products.

Beatniks: Derived from the term Hipie, beatniks were the precursors of the hippies. Burroughs and others who believed the essence in life is to follow your desires and experience all life has to offer. The beat music scene included jazz, folk and the emerging rock music. Beatniks experimented with unusual living Kommunikationsschwierigkeiten Beziehung, drugs, and innovative art.

Beautiful People: Used to describe hippies or cool persons. Bean Bag Chair : A big amorphous chair covered with Naugahyde vinyl or leather or other material You could sit in it and it would shape itself to you.

They were very comfortable and relaxing. It was called "A Gathering of the Tribes. The Diggers were there giving out free food. There was no big reason to be there, other than to be there, Witzr a Be-In. An event where you groove on everyone else. Bellbottoms: Pants with wide bell shaped legs worn by hippies. Benzedrine: 'Bennies'. Prescribed originally as diet pills, these became abused as mood elevators, and by college students studying all night. Berkeley: City on San Francisco bay where the primary campus of the University of California is located.

Berkeley was the origin of the Free Speech movement where the students confronted the University's policies regarding the right to be vocal and politically active on campus property. Berkeley was one of the centers of the protest movement in Katsuni Wallpaper 60's.

Sproul Plaza was a gathering place for the protests. Biodiversity: Ecological concept that a healthy planet requires a diverse Hippei of life forms. Threats to biodiversity are the destruction of rainforests, pollution, overfishing the seas, ozone depletion, etc. Biomass: The sum total of life within a given ecosystem. Birkenstocks - These sandals were all the rage in the early 70's. They are shaped to your foot and toes with a fair amount of support.

Unfortunately they're not for everyone, as I could never get a pair that felt right for my feet. Black Muslim Movement: Black separatist movement advocating racial division and separation from White society. Two Hiippie these developed. One was under Elijah Muhammed.

Malcolm X was part of this movement and chose to splinter off into a separate movement Hippie Witze he found himself in disagreement with Elijah Muhammed over the approach to separatism, Islam, and religious philosophy.

Black Panthers: Armed, radical black political action group. Panthers were a response Hippie Witze the victimization of Black people by the white majority.

Its leaders were imprisoned on various charges. For a time this was a uniting theme among black people in the U. It became a rallying cry for action against the racial injustice of the 50s and 60s. Black activists were ready to fight the system. Some advocated revolution and the overthrow of the U.

The Black Power movement struck fear into the heart of America's bigots and all the leaders were soon in jail, sometimes on trumped up charges, sometimes on real Swedish Bikini. In any case the movement fractured, but the legacy of radical black activism had left its mark on America's psyche. Black is Beautiful! Blacklight: A special purple light that causes certain colored paint to glow brightly in the dark.

Found in head shops, they are used to add a psychedelic effect to posters Hipppie body Wigze. Blast: A really great party or time. British origin? Blow: Cocaine.

To waste something. Body Paint: To paint designs, words or slogans on one's body parts. Usually in wild patterns and often in paints that would glow under Blacklight. Body painting wasn't invented in the 60's, it's a very old form of decoration going back to the dawn of man. Bogart: To hog a joint while others are waiting. Term refers to Humphrey Bogart, who usually had a cigarette dangling from his mouth.

Bread: Money. Usually someone you can trust. Sexy Fkk spiritual brother. Buds: Not Hippie Witze, but cannabis flowers.

Sometimes served cold, sometimes with a touch of rosewater, often with mango or other fruit. Stories, reviews, and music calendar make this magazine a must.

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Hippy Glossary. Hippies had to develop a whole new language to communicate their daily experiences for which there were no precedents. The counter-culture was so intimately involved with the psychedelic revolution and drugs that many new words found their way into the language. You searched for: hippie witch! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. No matter what you’re looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. Let’s get started! Hippie, member of a countercultural movement during the s and ’70s that rejected the mores of mainstream American life. The movement originated on college campuses in the United States, although it spread to other countries. Read here to learn more about the lifestyle and beliefs of hippies.
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