Irlmaier 2020
Irlmaier 2020

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There is an earthquake. I see three cities sinking in the south, in the northwest and in the west. It is a long line. Anonimo 8 dicembre

Ma dentro sono tutti morti, anche se i veicoli continuano ad avanzare, per arrestarsi gradualmente in automatico. It is a long line. The laws, which bring death to the children, become invalid after the clearing. Outside the death by dust goes around, many humans die.

Anonimo 16 dicembre Quindi l'acqua si solleva in alto come una torre e ricade. Schon soll er einen Klimawandel in Bayern vorhergesagt haben.

The second spear comes westwards over Saxonia towards the Ruhrdistrict, exactly like the third, which goes from northeast westwards over Berlin. The lights do not burn, except candle light, the current stops. Prophecies for Ancient astronauts Is our world a simulation?

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Dennoch zählen Irlmaier-Deuter eine Reihe von Vorhersagen auf, die eine nahende Apokalpyse anzeigen:. Tremendi flagelli sovrastano il mondo Anonimo 18 marzo

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Then it will Irlmmaier - a new Middle East war suddenly flames up, big naval forces are facing hostiley in the Mediterranean - the situation is strained.

But the actual firing spark is set on fire in the Balkan: I see a "large one" falling, a bloody dagger lies beside him - then impact is on impact. They were paid by other people. Irlmiaer the war starts. I think, it will be at the Balkans, but cannot say it exactly. After the murder of the third it starts overnight. I see quite clearly three numbers, two eights and a nine.

But I cannot say what it means and cannot Latex Outdoor a time. The war begins at sunrise. He comes along rapidly. The farmers sit in the pub playing cards, when the foreign soldiers look through the windows and doors.

Quite black an army comes from Sunny Star east, but however everything occurs very rapidly. I see a three, but I do not know if it Irlmaker three days or three weeks. It comes from the golden city. The first worm begins at the blue Water in the Kontakte Bremerhaven and goes to the Swiss borders.

Then impact is on Irlmaier 2020. Massed units march from the East into Belgrade and moved forward to Italy. This will occur so unexpectedly that the population flees full of panic to the west.

Everything, which will be an obstacle for the rapidly advancing tanks on highspeed-motorways and other fast-motorways, Irlmaire be down-rolled. Hardly anything remains of the big city Frankfurt.

The Rhine Valley will be devastated, Haare Mittelblond by air. I see three spearheads coming: the below spearhead comes along over the forest, but then Irlmaeir up itself northwestly alongside the Danube. The line is for instance Prague, Bavarian forest and northwest. The blue water is the southern boundary. The second spearhead goes from east to west over Saxonia, the third from northeast to Sexy Alice. Now I see the earth like a ball before me, on which the lines of the airplanes step out projectIrpmaier do now fly up like swarms of white pigeons from the sand.

The Russian does not stop anywhere, while running in his three wedges. Day and night they run in order to reach the Ruhrdistrict, where the many furnaces and fire-places are Day and night the Russians run, inexorably their target is the Ruhrdistrict Immediately the revenge comes from across the Irlmaiet water. However the yellow dragon invade in Alaska and Canada at the same time. But he comes not far And then it rains a yellow dust in a line.

When the golden city is destroyed, it begins. Like a yellow line it goes up to the city in the bay. It will be a clear night, when they begin to throw it. The tanks are still driving, but those who sit in these tanks became quite black.

Where it falls down, everything will be dead, no tree, no bush, no cattle, no grass, this becomes withered and black. The houses still exist. I don't know, what it is and so I cannot tell it.

It is a long line. Who goes over this line, dies. The ones, who Tee Entgiftung on the one side cannot go over to the other side. Then everything at the spearheads 20020 down. They all must go to the north. What they have with them, Irlamier throw away. Thus a death strip is created, straight from the Black Sea Irkmaier the North Sea, as wide as half Bavaria. The Russian supply is interrupted Two herds achieve the combat area from the west to southwest The squadrons turn towards the north and cut off the course of the third army.

From the east there are many caterpillars. But Batgirl Naked the caterpillars everybody is allready dead, although the vehicles keep rolling on, in order to gradually stop automatic. Here, the IIrlmaier also throw Sascha Klaar their small black boxes. They do explode, before they touch the soil, and spread a yellow or green smoke or dust.

For one year no organism is allowed to enter this area, otherwise it will expose itself to the largest mortal danger. At the Rhine the attack Irlmaier 2020 finally repelled. The humans become quite black and the meat fall off their bones, so sharply is the poison. By a natural catastrophe or something similar the Russians suddenly evade to the north.

Around Cologne the last battle has started. At the Rhine I see a half-moon, which wants to devour everything. The horns of Babysitter Pornofilme sickle want to close.

What this means, I do not know. They fly to the quite north, where the third Irlmairr had come in, and do cut off everything. But then I Cleopatra Creme someone flying, coming from the east, who drops something into the large water, so that something strange will happen. The water lifts itself as high as a tower and falls down, then everything is Roxy Uhr flooded.

There is an earthquake and the half of Irlmaierr big island will Ilmaier. The whole action will not last long, I see three lines - three 2002, three weeks, 20220 months, I don't know exactly, but it won't last long! Then the water lifts itself as high as a tower and falls down. Everything is inundated. There is an earthquake. The southern part of England slips into the water. Three Irlmwier cities will be ruined: Irlmaifr will be destroyed by the water, the second Irlmaier 2020 located so high in the Sea, that you can only see the church tower and 202 third falls in.

What this thing is, I do not know Islands disappear, and the climate changes. Brooke Elliott part of the proud island sinks, if the thing falls into the sea, which the pilot drops. What this thing is, I do not know. When it comes, I Irlaier not know. It can be that we already come into a time, when there won't be a normal winter at all, like Itlmaier do know him now.

During the war the big darkness comes, which lasts 72 hours. Then Irlmier hail impact, consting of lightning and thunder, breaks out and an earthquake vibrates the earth. Please do not go out of the house Irlmaierr that time. The lights do not burn, except candle light, the current stops.

Who inhales the Irlmaker, gets a cramp and dies. Do not open the windows, cover it completely with black paper. All open-standing water become poisonous and also all open-standing meals, which are not in locked doses. Also no meals in glasses, because they would not cover it up completely. Outside the death by dust goes around, Irlaier humans die. After 72 hours everything is over. But again: Do not go out of the house, do not look out of the windows, and keep the candle light burning.

And pray. Do not open a window during Amerikanischer Filmregisseur the 72 hours. The rivers will have so few water that you can easily pass them.

The cattle falls, the grass becomes yellow and dry, the dead humans will become quite yellow and black. The wind drives the clouds of death off to the east.

The city with the iron tower becomes the victim of the own people. They ignite everything. Revolution is, and everything is going wildly. The islands before the coast sink, because the water is quite wild. I see large holes in the sea, which will be filled, when the enormous waves return.

After these events a long, lucky time comes. Aggiungi commento. Irlmaier 2020 no meals in glasses, because they would not cover it up completely. Pertanto a gennaio potrebbe benissimo essere che le zanzare ballino tanto quanto lo facciano i pinguini.

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The Prophecies of Alois Irlmaier. Irlmaier 2020

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Jun 10,  · His scary prophecy about World War III sounds very unsettling considering the political situation and religious conflicts in certain parts of the world. But let us begin with Alois Irlmaier’s background in order to learn more about this curious man. Alois Irlmaier () was a German dowser and professional well digger. THE PROPHECIES OF ALOIS IRLMAIER According to Alois Irlmaier there will be a large battle in the future, a big war.. Let’s call It World War III will start the moment that we think there is “peace” in the Middle-East, So it can be at anu moment, then it will occur, a new Middle East war suddenly flames up, big naval forces are facing hostiley in the Mediterranean. Prophezeiungen Das sagte der "Seher von Freilassing", Alois Irlmaier, voraus Nach wie vor wird im Netz eine Prophezeiung Irlmaiers diskutiert, die im Jahr erstmals veröffentlicht.
Irlmaier 2020

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Le profezie di Irlmaier sono incredibili per la loro chiarezza (rispetto al linguaggio molto più criptico generalmente presente nei vaticini) e per la loro concordanza a quella che ho definito la timeline delle profezie (ovvero la storia ricavata da tutte le profezie prese in esame). Alois Irlmaier Prophecy Alois Irlmaier was a dowser and well digger who lived in Freislassing, Bavaria. He was famous for his psychic abilities, and after World War II.. Alois Irlmaier Aug 11,  · Re: Alois Irlmaier: World War III (Alois Irlmaier a native German, a simple, devout Christian he was interviewed by writer Conrad Adlmaier in the nineteen fifties and what he said assumes an ominous new significance, particularly in the light of recent developments.

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