Filip Dujardin
Filip Dujardin


So Dujardin created his own by shooting parts of existing buildings, built around the s and s in his home town of Ghent, and merging the resulting images to produce entirely new edifices. Interested in exploring and photographing various cities with different cultures and traditions. Each interview is split into three video segments: Past, Present, and Future, in which interviewees discuss their thoughts and experiences of architecture through each of those lenses. Architects: Mikou Studio.

Photography Festivals. Army, where he served in England as an optometrist until Andrew Grice.

Maria's distinctive style departs from traditional portraiture and focuses on experimentation with space, colour, and atmosphere. Lib Dems. He records the appearance of Mount Huangshan in all seasons and at various times of day.

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Nevertheless, deeply embedded within the aqueous pastels, Maria's compositions hold to a celebratory elegance that transforms the viewer's gaze into an enduring reverence for life's simple beauty. He is also a winner of many photography competitions both local and international. Architects: Dierendonckblancke Architects. This means using creative thinking and design to save and incorporate old or historic buildings that currently exist, in the present and future of our cities, by adapting them through creative and sensitive treatments.

Classical Asian art was based on different models of space. Three dimensions in two A further element foreign to Asian minds was the handling of perspective-how three-dimensional space was represented on the flat surface of a print or painting. De Pinte, Belgium. Exclusive Interview with Stephan Gladieu.

Photo Museums. We asked her a few questions about her life and work. With time, they got used to me being there, and my presence was gradually ignored.

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Source: www. Toggle navigation. All Modern Photographers. Filip Dujardin. Country: Belgium Birth: Filip Dujardin is fine art and architectural photographer based in Belgium. Some of his architectural creations are structurally impossible or implausible. From Azadi Stadium. He ignores the laws of physics, defying gravity and material, to create exquisite architectural compositions.

Inspiring Portfolios. Steve Schapiro. Ada Dujardln. Dan Budnik. Call for Entries. Enter Competition. Espen Rasmussen. Espen Rasmussen is based at Nesodden, close to Oslo, Norway. At the same time he is constantly working on his own photo Dujzrdin. Rasmussen focuses specially on humanitarian issues Dujardib the challenges related to climate change. He is represented by Panos Pictures. InEspen received Rasmussen is freelance Folip photography at schools such as the Oslo University College and Bilder Nordic school of Photography.

He is also frequently giving presentations at photo festivals and for a wide range of other audiences. Emma Powell. Emma Powell is an artist in residence and lecturer in photography at Iowa State University. Her work often examines photography's history while incorporating historic processes and or devices within the imagery. In her series In Search of Sleep, Powell uses the cyanotype process to create a visual lullaby in wish she explores personal narratives and metaphors.

In Search of SleepFrom my earliest days I have had a difficult relationship with sleep. As a child I avoided it at all costs, especially at Strip Langsam. To get me back to bed, my father used to tell me stories. The story would always find its way back to the real world and end where it had begun, hopefully but doubtfully with me that much closer to sleep.

In Search of Sleep recreates this shadowy realm and allows me to Filiip my real-life questions, from personal dramas to romantic doubts. The cyanotype process, with its distinctive blue tones, visually traverses the distance between waking and sleeping. These images are also toned with tea and wine to both dull the blues and add warmth.

In Search of Sleep creates a visual lullaby that allows me to safely explore Filip Dujardin I love, what I fear, what I remember, and what I imagine. Monia Merlo. She was born in Bassano del Grappa, Italy, After finishing her studies in Venice, she teamed her work as an architect with her passion for Photography, making it her main expression medium.

Monia currently works as a freelance photographer, Filip Dujardin work is focused on fashion, including prestigious collaborations with famous brands.

They are means of creation, research and development of a work which undergoes a constant evolution, as well as being a way to represent, through fragile feminine bodies, the artist's search of herself. Sensuous and physical, yet innocent. Mystical femininity which verges Kinder Depression the sacred.

A view shared by many, since she has now collaborated with a number of prestigious fashion labels. She finds her inspiration in Filip Dujardin, poetry and the idealised femininity of the Pre-Raphaelite movement. A period which is currently enjoying increasing popularity amongst the creative elite Dujarin trendsetters. She likes to use romantic flowers in delicate colours with an air of vulnerability, such as blossom, fragile roses and daisies.

Source: The Green Gallery. Paul Coghlin. Growing-up near southern England's beautiful New Forest and coast, Paul Coghlin developed an interest in creative photography from a young age, regularly travelling out with a camera to capture the natural surroundings.

Now based in eastern England, the award-winning photographer has continued to expand his creative style across a range of subjects, with his images regularly appearing in exhibitions and international publications, and is a Fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photography BIPP. At the beginning ofPaul released his largest body of work to date: "Petalum", a series of thirty stunning black and white botanical studies, featuring the fine-art photographer's distinctive style and attention to subtle detail.

Wang Wusheng. Beginning inWusheng worked as a photographer for a news magazine in Anhui Province. Wusheng currently works as a fine art photographer in Tokyo. Over many centuries, this mountain, with its seventy-two peaks, has been the subject of Chinese landscape painters, whose singular works are so haunting make it appear impossible for these mountains to exist in nature.

Inspired by the legacy of these paintings, Wusheng has sought to portray Mount Huangshan in his own way, expressing his "inner worlds" through this scenic wonder. Wusheng captures mist-shrouded granite peaks emerging from an ever-changing veil of clouds, sculptural craggy rocks on lofty cliffs and weathered, oddly Dujardni pine trees. He records the appearance of Mount Huangshan in all seasons and at various times of day. As one critic says, "[Wusheng's] pictures are gorgeous, but their beauty does not come directly from the Dujafdin scenery.

Rather, the mountain's natural wonders have been transformed into iFlip spectacles through the artist's commitment to the medium of black-and-white photography, his insistent pursuit of dynamic movement and metamorphic Fi,ip, and his deep emotional engagement with his subject.

His mountain peaks are often densely dark-a kind of velvet darkness that seems full of color. It resulted in a distinctive approach to landscape by combining classical forms with a challenge to the Western representation of space. Photography had reached China and Japan by the s, but long remained an imported art form used primarily by foreigners.

Fundamentally it was alien to the aesthetics of Asian fine art. The fine detail of a photograph was at odds with the eastern tradition of depicting a scene with just a few brushstrokes. And whereas Eastern art dealt with symbols-mountains representing wisdom, water standing for the flux of life and so on- photography seemed unremittingly literal and heavy-handed to Asian eyes. Eastern art was also fixedly monochrome: black was Heaven's hue, and too much considered bad for the eyes.

Three dimensions in two A further element foreign to Asian minds was the handling of perspective-how Dujaardin space was represented on the flat surface of a print or painting. In Europe, Filup thinkers, such as the architect Filippo Brunelleschi, showed that a geometrically accurate way to represent objects in space was to depict parallel sides as if they converged toward a vanishing point on the horizon.

Early photography reinforced the dominance of this linear perspective in Western art. Classical Asian art was based on different models of space. It showed space with receding planes, in which a nearer object overlaps and covers part of a further object. This was joined to aerial perspective, which exploits how contrast and clarity naturally diminish the further away things are to express receding space.

Asian pictorials By the 20th century. Trained in Photography by a brush-and-ink Autodestruktives Verhalten, Long considered a traditional painting "as a composite Image of fragmentary visual memories".

From this, Long derived composite photographs using Wertkartenverkauf Lastschrift toning and multiple printing techniques to place traditional elements such as calligraphically expressive bamboo shoots, leafless branches, and craggy rocks against a plain ground, suspending his subjects In an indeterminate space. Relationships between elements were defined by aerial perspective and overlapping receding planes.

Minimal and Gedicht Neuanfang expressions also came naturally to photographers such as Jiang Peng, but Long's best-known students was Don Hong Qai. Modern interpretation China's Huangshan Yellow Mountains is a glaciated mountain range much venerated for its exquisite scenery of 72 steep peaks, Dujardim shrouded in mist.

The Huangshan inspired its own school of painting, which made extensive use of aerial perspective, Wang Wusheng is a leading modern exponent of the style.

Wang was working as a news photographer when he turned his attention to the Huangshan in In his photographs, he exploited the ultrafine grain of Kodak Technical Pan film to create a modern interpretation of inky-black silhouettes are grouped against the smoothly shifting swathes of mist, their softening tones deftly defining distance. This image is part of the Celestial Realm Eindeutige Schwangerschaftsanzeichen, published in book form in In wang's contemporary interpretation Overknee Sex traditional Chinese black-ink painted landscapes, mist separates the deep velvety darkness Dukardin the sharply silhouetted rocks and trees in the foreground from Filip Dujardin progressively fuzzier bands of trees and rocks.

David Vasilev. David Vasilev was born in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria inwhere he spent his early years. Ever since he was a little kid, he was always surrounded by photojournalists, his dad being one of them. This had a great impact on his perception of the world, thus Dujqrdin become a necessary tool for self-expression.

After he moved to the United States he begun his extensive journey to find inspiration in the Frauen Bumsen contrasts of North America. That is how I catch elusive moments of reality in a single frame.

Growing up in a culturally mixed neighborhood Duardin Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, defined Shows Phantasialand as a person and as a photographer. I follow my instincts without looking back, which has led me to fascinating places. I felt their Wochenende Verbringen hospitality instantly, even when they couldn't understand why I was there to begin with or what photography even was.

They maintained a humble existence that I wanted to preserve on film. With time, they got used to me being there, and my presence was gradually ignored.

Only then did I witness and photograph their essence: the realness of their daily lives, creating a visual memory of this time and place. I will Ibn Trample forget the children.

One day a girl with curious eyes approached me quietly and asked, "Have you seen the ocean? Maria Svarbova. Maria Svarbova was born in ; she currently lives in Slovakia.

Please try again, the name must be unique Only letters and numbers accepted. Each of them pictures a Filip Dujardin pool, usually built in the Socialist Era, in various locations in Slovakia.

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Other-Worldly Architectural Photography by Filip Dujardin - IGNANT. Filip Dujardin

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Photographer Filip Dujardin designs architectural wonders in the digital realm. The Belgian artist began as a professional architectural photographer before turning to design in , creating virtual buildings using Google SketchUp—a 3D modeling tool—and Photoshop. At first glance, Dujardin’s photographs of buildings seem almost ordinary, though highly modern, only . Filip Dujardin is fine art and architectural photographer based in Belgium. Dujardin’s Fictions is a series of fictional structures created using a digital collaging technique from photographs of real buildings in and around Ghent, Belgium. Some of his architectural creations are structurally impossible or merriment.worldality: Belgium. filip dujardin highlight gallery, san francisco on from 7th february through til march 29th, belgian artist filip dujardin is also an architectural photographer by profession and extends.
Filip Dujardin

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Belgian photographer Filip Dujardin uses digital collage techniques to combine and distort photographs of real buildings in and around his home town of Ghent. His multiple series of illusory photographs depict impractical and sometimes structurally absurd buildings. The photographer manipulates and rearranges real images of contemporary buildings, which is what gives them their plausibility Author: Stephanie Wade. Feb 8, - Explore elkebruno's board "filip dujardin", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Architecture design, Architecture and Amazing architecture pins. Architecture post COVID the Profession, the Firms, and the Individuals.

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